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a small penis in men, and how does it affect your sex life

According to the statistics, more than 30% of the people who live on the territory of the country is unhappy with the size of your penis. This is an extremely negative affect on the self-esteem of men, it does not feel complete and confident in yourself. The problem with small talk is concerned with not only the teenagers but also the adults of the male sex. Fortunately, today you can solve this problem it is not the only surgery which is very dangerous, and requires a large financial cost as well. Gel for penis enlargement Erogen X to improve the circulation and increase significantly with the dimensions of the corpora cavernosa.

Why do men want penis enlargement?

The average size of a male penis, in Hungary – 13 cm) and only 5% of the male population penis size is larger than 16 inches. It is, of course, the girls can tell you that this is not so, and that is the important thing, the important thing is how much the man is comfortable in his bed, but then there are those which might be blatantly making fun of the guy with a small penis, and causing severe trauma for the rest of your life.

Modern medicine does not offer much options for penis enlargement. Basically, it is a surgical procedure, and with a lot of risks to the sexual and reproductive health and rights of men. After the operation, it is necessary to observe abstinence during the period of rehabilitation.

During the operation the male sexual organ is inserted into the strangers of a dental implant, there is a risk that they are not accustomed to, and this may result in inflammation. In this case, not all the patients are satisfied with the outcome, after the surgery, you may experience a decrease in the sensitivity of erogenous zones, which leads to a decrease in the pleasure of sexual contact.

Experts recommend to take advantage of a non-invasive method for gel for to increase penis Erogen X. A tool to enhance the the circulation of blood and helps in the growth of a strong separation of the proteins of the body in length and thickness.

What are the advantages of a large penis?

How does it work Erogen X

Erogen X - one gel to increase penis
  1. The impact of the gel occurs at a cellular level, getting to the inside of the protein-bodies, the cream the flame of the powerful influence of the blood on and pull cavernosum the cavities inside the penis, it increases its elasticity.
  2. It increases the protein content and the collagen in the tissues of the penis, through which growth takes place in the tissues, in length and in diameter. The cells are rejuvenated and restored, and the penis becomes firmer and more elastic.
  3. Thus, the gel contains substances that are thought-provoking, which will significantly improve the sensitivity and increase the time of intercourse, thus allowing the attainment of one of the most vibrant and deep-the sensation of sexual intercourse.

For this reason, experts recommend that the Erogen X?

The advantages of the gel for penis enlargement Erogen X prior to the operating of the intervention were evident on the gel, it works so much faster, it is not a risk to health, and much, much more user-friendly. After a period of rehabilitation, and, above all, a tool for the improvement of the erections and the blood supply to the penis.

But why should you choose Erogen X among the analogues: topical creams and gels, they also promise to increase a member?

The composition of the gel. Erogen X

The extract of calendula in the composition of Erogen X

The composition of the gel. Erogen X it includes ingredients that encourage skin rejuvenation and the recovery of the cells of the body, sex, and stimulating your blood circulation and will increase the desire for sex.

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A comment from a doctor

Dr. The urologist Христо Христо
The urologist
The time of the service:
18 years old
The size of your penis is bothering most of the people, as it can be thought of in the first place. Because the penis has a great deal of value to the psychological, as it is a symbol of masculinity, even in our progressive age. More than 70% of the male population in Bulgaria was unhappy with the size of their penis and wish to enlarge it, but the fear of operations. If this is the case, I would suggest that the patient try a gel for penis enlargement Erogen Xthis tool will allow you to improve the elasticity of the fibres, and give it a natural cycle, and the potential for growth. It can take up to 4 to 5 inches, which is more than enough for the vast majority.